5 Must-Pack Items for Conferences

Image Credit: By Israel Sundseth

By Valerie Sprague, AMS Manager

When attending a conference, there are a few must-have items that are essential for a smooth and successful trip. From staying connected to looking out for your own personal comfort, here are some items you don’t want to leave home without.

  1. Devices and  chargers. Don’t forget those all-important devices (think laptop, cell phone, tablet, etc.); and also remember to pack those chargers for your numerous devices you will be using at a conference. A laptop left at your office or the cell phone charger still plugged into your wall at home could turn into a big conference fail!
  2. Something warm to wear. Meeting rooms and conference centers can run cold. It’s always best to be prepared with a warmer item, such as a sweater, that you can easily carry around with you and throw on should the temperatures drop in the meeting room.
  3. Comfortable shoes. Generally, conferences will involve a lot of walking or time spent on your feet. Be it walking through airports, socializing at a network event, traveling between meeting rooms at a venue or walking an exhibit hall – you will likely be on your feet a lot! So keep this in mind when packing shoes. Also, remember, it’s probably not a good idea to try out a brand new pair of shoes at a conference but, if you must, pack some adhesive bandages too.
  4. Business cards. You’ll probably want to have business cards on you when meeting new contacts, so make sure these get packed as an essential item. You never know who you will meet and it’s a great way to stay in contact even after the event.
  5. Travel bag. Don’t forget a lightweight travel bag, tote bag or backpack to carry all of the above! This will make it easy to have everything on you and stay organized when actually attending the big event.

Being prepared with these crucial items will help ensure you are prepared for your next conference experience!

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