Staff Spotlight: Stevie

Staff Spotlight: Stevie

Staff spotlight
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In this new feature, we ask our team members some quick, fun questions to show a little spotlight on the staff that makes IMI great.

Stevie Kernick, owner emeritus and account manager

StevieMy favorite aspect of association management is:

Working with boards to help them move them from micro- to macro-management of their association. And working with committees and work groups to implement the strategies outlined by the board.

On my desk right now:

Coffee mug, hotel contract for review, client’s strategic plan and a list of “must-dos” for today (yup, on an old-fashioned legal pad)

My favorite blogs

IMI’s blog, of course

My media mix:

Constant Contact and Twitter are go-tos for the association with which I work

What I’m reading:

Transformational Governance and The History of Martha’s Vineyard

Who to follow on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram:

Business associates, association members, family and friends

What I do when not at work:

Work out at the local fitness center, putter in my flower gardens, take long walks, connect with family and friends

If I weren’t in association management, I’d:

Be a singer in a rock band

Favorite quote:

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should

For more about Stevie, don’t forget to check out her full bio on the IMI website!

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