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2016-3-29 All About Conferences
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By Rachel Owen, Communications Manager

Are you ready for “Conference Season”? We’ve compiled some of our best posts that will help make this your most successful conference yet.

Whether you are knee deep in pre-planning, onsite next week (!), or just coming back from another great event, this post is for you.


Avoiding Burn-out, Part 1: Self-care and proper planning are crucial to avoid burn-out during hectic times. Check out these great tips to have a smoother, better conference season.
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Get Things Done: If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your to-do lists and unsure how you’ll get it all done, we’ve got you covered. With some planning and prioritizing you absolutely can conquer that to-do list.
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Packing List: You already know you shouldn’t forget your toothpaste, but what else should you make sure to pack for a conference?
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Board Meetings: If you have board or committee meetings during your event this is a great opportunity to brush up on some best practices to make sure your board meetings are lean and effective.
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During the Conference

Avoiding Burn-out, Part 2: Even if your event is just around the corner it is not too late to recharge your emotional and physical batteries. Here are some tips to continue your self-care practices while onsite.
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Theft Prevention: Whether you are attending or managing a conference, remember to keep your valuables safe and protect your investments.
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Communications Strategies: As the saying goes, “Preparation is key.” This old adage is just as true for interpersonal communication as it is for your packing list.
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Volunteers: When the buzz of the conference is still fresh on their minds, attendees are excited and open to more of what the association has to offer. Channel that renewed enthusiasm into volunteer opportunities!
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Recognition: After the conference, don’t forget to thank your volunteers, board members, and staff. They have all worked hard and a little bit of recognition will go a long way.
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What are your best conference tips? Share in the comments below!

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