Staff Spotlight: Rachel

Staff spotlight
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In this new feature, we ask our team members some quick, fun questions to show a little spotlight on the staff that makes IMI great.

Rachel Owen

Communications Manager


My favorite aspect of association management is:

Ideas and solutions are my favorite things. Working with associations, I not only get to the chance to come up with solutions every day but I’m a part of making those success stories happen. I love being a part of dreams becoming reality through the hard work and dedication of the board members and volunteers.

On my desk right now:

The AP Stylebook (a must!) and the ASAE Handbook of Professional Practices in Association Management. Coffee, water, and iced tea (I’m super hydrated) are nestled in around my TARDIS cookie jar and Batman art.

My favorite blogs:

  • Candid Culture – If you want to learn how to “say anything to anyone” this is the blog for you! I never miss a post.
  • Member Clicks Blog – Great, simple posts to help associations and other non-profits.
  • Jon Acuff – These are hilarious, inspirational posts to help you hustle to meet your professional and life goals.

What I’m reading:

For professional development, in addition to those excellent blogs, I read Associations Now from ASAE and lots of great posts I find on Twitter under #assnchat. For fun, I’m reading Hell is Empty by Craig Johnson.    

What I do when not at work:

I read comic books while watching my grass grow tall from my front porch rocking chairs.

If I weren’t in association management, I’d:

I’d love to travel the world and teach English as a second language.

Favorite quote:
“It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations, if you live near him.” -J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

For more about Rachel, don’t forget to check out her full bio on the IMI website!

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