Staff Spotlight: Jessica G.

Staff spotlight
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In this new feature, we ask our team members some quick, fun questions to show a little spotlight on the staff that makes IMI great.

Jessica Garrett

Conference Manager

2A3A4075-Edit_WebMy favorite aspect of association management is:

Seeing how multiple associations operate and getting ideas from colleagues about what has been done and has worked and what hasn’t.

On my desk right now:

  • Past conference program guides and registration brochures.
  • 20 Year Calendar…a must-have for conference planners!
  • Hotel floor plans and contracts for my upcoming locations.

My favorite blogs:

I’m not really into blogs but will I get extra points if I say IMI’s blog?

My media mix:

So I’m big into current events whether it be international, US, celebrity, sporting events…you name it, I’ve read or watched about it!

What I’m reading:

Lately it’s just been magazines but my go-to’s are usually memoirs or biographies.

Who to follow on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram:

Who to not follow…I follow celebrities, athletes, runners, local stores and restaurants, puppy & kitten related posts, funny memes. I even have some friends that I follow. It’s all Facebook & Instagram for me (and Snapchat).

What I do when not at work:

  • Running in every run club in town – I enjoy the social aspect and the exercise.
  • Being outdoors in some capacity…laying by the pool, hiking, drinks and dinner al fresco.
  • Watching basketball and football (during the season) with friends.

If I weren’t in association management, I’d:

I would love to work at a National Park and be outside all day, giving tours, hiking, enjoying the beautiful scenery. On a family trip out West when I was younger, I played “park ranger” for my family and have been hooked ever since. After a visit to Yosemite several years ago, I just can’t ever get enough.

Favorite quote:

Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. –Benjamin Franklin

For more about Jessica, don’t forget to check out her full bio on the IMI website!

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