Staff Spotlight: Deb Doepp

Staff spotlightIn this new feature, we ask our team members some quick, fun questions to show a little spotlight on the staff that makes IMI great.

Deb Doepp

DebAccount Associate

  • My favorite aspect of association management is:
    • I love how IMI has such a variety of clients with so many similarities and differences. I also adore that IMI works in a team-friendly way, supporting each other as the work ebbs and flows.
  • On my desk right now:
    • My water bottle, a cup of chamomile tea, my iPhone, paper for notetaking when I get a call and a tin of Altoids
  • My favorite blogs
    • Tatertots & Jello – This is a fantastic DIY blog with a lot of ideas on décor.
    • Young House Love – this is a husband/wife team that has blogged over the years about their various home transformations. They even came out with a home décor line in Target and Home Depot.
    • Suburban Turmoil – She is a mom Blogger out of Nashville, Tenn. She’s fantastically funny and totally down-to-earth. She tells it like it is and makes me laugh with nearly every post.
  • My media mix:
    • Since my trek to work takes about an hour each way, I’ve been listening to NPR quite a bit. Otherwise, I find out what is going on through Facebook or my local TV station.
  • What I’m reading:
    • Nothing right at the moment, but I would like to finish J.K. Rowling’s Cormoran Strike series. The first book (The Cuckoo’s Calling) was great!
  • Who to follow on social media:
    • @kellycreates – She makes videos of herself doing calligraphy. It’s beautiful!
    • @ivenoven – This is a bakery in Indonesia that makes the most amazing cakes. They look unreal.
    • @scarymommy – A go-to for feeling like we’re all part of this parenting team.
    • @brenebrown – Author of the amazing book, “Daring Greatly.” It changed my life.
  • What I do when not at work:
    • I spend a lot of my time as shuttle service for my three children. They’re in three different activities as well as three different schools, so it can get crazy. My husband and I try to get a weekly date night, but sometimes that isn’t possible.
  • If I weren’t in association management, I’d:
    • I would probably be working directly with a non-profit. This is why working for IMI is such a great fit for me.
  • Favorite quote:
    • “I broke up with pink. Yellow is my new favorite color.” – My daughter, Madelyn at the age of four. To me, this reminds me of how uncomplicated the mind of a child is – and that we should strive for this mentality each and every day.

For more about Deb, don’t forget to check out her full bio on the IMI website!

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