Top 5 Online Tools

2017.1.31 top 5 online tools


By Angela Allen, account associate

Conversions are the name of the game in 2017. It doesn’t matter if we’re figuring the number of miles to run because we signed up for a 5k as a New Year’s resolution, thinking about the leadership of our country or planning the next call with a client in another time-zone … conversions are everywhere! Thinking about this blog, I started to think about my favorite on-line tools and how they, too, focus on conversions. A few months ago, my co-workers and I met to discuss some of the tools we found useful and this seemed like the perfect time to blog about them. Here the top five tools that have made every day work life more efficient:

Time and Date Calculator

Want to know what date is six months from now or two years, 33 days ago? has a tool that allows you to add or subtract days to any date.

Time Zone Calculator has become my best buddy as of late. If your clients are in multiple time zones, this tool quickly lets you see equivalent times in multiple time zones of your choosing. Scheduling calls with clients around the world is much faster now!

Needing a creative color scheme for your next presentation or want to match a graphic to your organization’s logo? This quick, online color picker tool lets you find the hex code for any point on the color palette and converts it to RGB numbers, too. It even gives you the option to find colors that coordinate nicely and are eye catching.


Who doesn’t love a good design? provides a robust library of designs and graphics that will help you convert those drab clip-art announcements into exciting pieces that your clients will pick up and read. From social media posts to marketing materials, this tool has it all.


If you’ve been looking for a way to convert your paper to-do list to an online one,, may be the answer. While I haven’t tried this one, personally, it was recommended by a colleague and definitely worth sharing.

These online tools have made our lives easier and hopefully they will make yours better, too… and a bit more colorful!

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