How to Create an Effective Event with Volunteers

By Allison Winter, Communications Associate

Sometimes, managing volunteers at a conference can feel like herding cats. However, a little preparation beforehand, and the creation of a simple document, can help things run a lot more smoothly onsite.

Why do I need a Conference Volunteer Guide?

Volunteers are incredible. They’re so passionate about your association and its work that they’re willing to share their time and expertise to further your mission. However, as organizers, we need to remember that volunteering at an event can be an intimidating experience. Volunteers may be experiencing a lot of firsts like meeting other volunteers in person, visiting the host city, seeing the venue, and even helping at an event. It’s a lot to take in!

Emailing a Volunteer Guide (or a packet of relevant information) to the volunteers at least one week beforehand will allow each volunteer to become familiar with all the information they need to know before arriving onsite.

What needs to be in the Volunteer Guide?

Depending on the responsibilities of your volunteers, to create an effective Volunteer Guide, make sure it includes:

  • Schedule
  • List of all volunteers, including leaders and staff, with contact information
  • Updated registration numbers
  • Sponsors
  • Venue floor plans
  • Volunteer assignments
  • General script

While there may be additional items you’ll want to include for specific events, these seven pieces are vital to any Volunteer Guide. All this information is key for volunteers to know so they can help you pull off an amazing event.

Is creating a Volunteer Guide worth it?

Though adding yet another item to your conference to-do list sounds impossible, you won’t regret carving out the time to create this packet. You may already have all of this information prepared; it’s just a matter of combining it into one PDF. At IMI, we have used this helpful tool for many of our clients, and it always allows things to run more smoothly on site. We’ve found the packet allows volunteers to feel more confident and take ownership of the event. We highly recommend trying it out for your next conference.

Has your organization used a Volunteer Guide at past events? Is there anything else you include in your packet?

If you’re tired of managing chaotic events, why not contact IMI? Our team takes the stress out of managing your conference and creates a successful event.  We manage all the details so your association’s board and committee can focus on important strategic initiatives.

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