Why Great Customer Service is Crucial to Nonprofits

by Ashley Wilson, Account Associate

At its core, customer service is a knowledge of services and experience that achieves results — and connecting to your customer so you can reach the best possible outcome. No matter the sector, the human relationship that is customer service is critical to success.

So why is that?

A company is just a business without the people who work there. It’s the people who make any company great. The same can be said for a non-profit. A non-profit is just an association, without the people there to organize, serve, and support. Without the people there is no success.

So, you have people? Great!

That one factor means you can provide great customer service, right? Wrong.

Customer service means connecting to the members. Members, or the community your non-profit serves, are the heart of any organization. The bonds you build between people are what can cause an association to grow or to fail. With strong bonds and a real connection to the needs of your organization, the association can grow. 

Like any relationship, being in tune to the needs of your community are key. Not sure how best to serve your members or how to select your next new member benefit? Ask! Give opportunities for your community to provide feedback.

Without these connections and a strong customer service focus, non-profits will struggle to succeed in membership growth and retention. Ultimately, customer service is intrinsic to a well-run non-profit organization. 

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