Black Lives Matter

We cannot remain silent about the oppression and systemic injustices that people of color are facing every day. We are not willing to do “business as usual” as our friends, loved ones, colleagues and communities are hurting.

We affirm that Black Lives Matter.

As staff and leadership for 22 local, national, and international organizations we have a unique opportunity to impact the world. We are small, but passionate and determined to make a difference in our communities and the organizations we serve. We are committed to listening to the voices of people of color on our staff and in our organizations and making changes that address systemic racism.

To start, recently we hosted a conversation on professionally addressing racial disparities which was open to all IMI staff. This was the first of many such conversations to help us process, listen, learn, and grow. We were honored to have Gracie Johnson-Lopez, CEO of Diversity & HR Solutions, join our discussion and provide guidance on how we can respond to racial disparities at an individual and corporate level.

We recognize that we have a long journey ahead of us to see diversity, equity, and inclusion be represented in our company and our profession. This is only a small step on this journey. As we navigate this new territory, we encourage you to consult some resources that have assisted us and to reach out to us with any additional suggestions:

Resources for Further Learning:
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Anti-racism Resources
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